Comparing Ethnicity Estimates at Four DNA Testing Companies

Have you had your DNA tested by one of the major DNA testing companies?  Have you seen your ethnicity results?  Do you believe them? Last year, after testing most of my family's oldest generation, I finally decided to take DNA tests myself.  (See My DNA Results are Back; Break Out the Chocolate! and I Took A Second DNA… Continue reading Comparing Ethnicity Estimates at Four DNA Testing Companies

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New York Probate and Land Records Online

Lately my research into my Mayflower line has taken me to upstate New York along Lake Ontario.  I have been using two wonderful collections of records on FamilySearch: New York Land Records, 1630-1975  and New York Probate Records, 1629-1971 Both have been on FamilySearch for at least a couple of years, but neither has been… Continue reading New York Probate and Land Records Online

Veteran’s Day – Recording Their Stories

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to walk in a local Veteran's Day parade with the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Days like today are wonderful times to reflect and think about the service of our loved ones both today and in previous generations. Before the parade I spoke with a woman whose husband had… Continue reading Veteran’s Day – Recording Their Stories

War of 1812 Pensions Online

Pension files can be great genealogy resources.  They record where a veteran served and possibly include information about their spouse, children, and people who served with them.  The Preserve the Pensions group has worked to digitize War of 1812 pensions.  As of today, 65% of the pensions are online for free at Fold3.  According to… Continue reading War of 1812 Pensions Online

Contribute Your X DNA Match Information to Kitty Cooper’s Survey

Kitty Cooper, genetic genealogist, is collecting information about X DNA matching for various relationships.  This data will hopefully help testers narrow down the pool of possible relationships.  She has a blog post about the project: Help me collect X chromosome data.  The relationships she is interested in: brother to brother or brother to sister or half… Continue reading Contribute Your X DNA Match Information to Kitty Cooper’s Survey

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Understanding Ages in the U.S. Census

Many of us in the U. S. use the Federal census records as one of the backbones of our research.  They are great resources.  From 1850 forward, every person is named (except for slaves) and their age given, in addition to other details.  We need to be a little cautious with the information in censuses,… Continue reading Understanding Ages in the U.S. Census

BCG Presentations 6 Oct 2017

BCG has announced the lineup of this year's day of presentations, to be held 6 October 2017. 9:00 a.m. - "Sweden's Multiple Naming Systems and How They Changed in the 1800s." Martha Garrett, CG 10:15 a.m. - "Past Conflict Repatriation: The Role of Genealogists and Methodology in Fulfilling Our Nation’s Promise." Jeanne Bloom, CG 11:30… Continue reading BCG Presentations 6 Oct 2017

New York Times Article, With a Simple DNA Test, Family Histories are Rewritten

The week The New York Times published an interesting article about DNA testing: "With a Simple DNA Test, Family Histories are Rewritten."  This article is well-informed, cautioning the reader that DNA services have limitations, the tests cannot determine the exact countries of origin, and sometimes unexpected relationships are discovered.  The ending is awkward, but overall… Continue reading New York Times Article, With a Simple DNA Test, Family Histories are Rewritten

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Helping an Older Person Take a Saliva-Based DNA Test, One Success and One Failure

This is a follow-on to my article How to Help an Older Person Take a Saliva-Based DNA Test. Earlier this year I learned from Judy Russell that there are methods to help an older person take a saliva-based DNA test.  The cheek-scrape tests are generally not a problem, but saliva-based tests can be difficult. I sent… Continue reading Helping an Older Person Take a Saliva-Based DNA Test, One Success and One Failure

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