Review: The Stranger in My Genes, by Bill Griffeth

This weekend I had the privilege to attend a lecture by Bill Griffeth; CNBC financial journalist, genealogy enthusiast, and author of The Stranger in My Genes; as part of the Silicon Valley Reads events series.  His book describes his journey taking a Y-DNA test that led to the discovery that the father who raised him was… Continue reading Review: The Stranger in My Genes, by Bill Griffeth

RootsTech Recorded Sessions 2019

Many sessions from RootsTech 2019 are now online.  There are 23 sessions on the RootsTech website here.  (I found it non-obvious to navigate to them from the main page, so I'm glad I found the link.)  There are DNA and non-DNA sessions.  Topics include: Essential Considerations for DNA Evidence, by Blaine Bettinger What's New on… Continue reading RootsTech Recorded Sessions 2019

A Look at the New 23andMe Ancestry Composition Reports, and Comparison of the Four Major DNA Testing Companies

23andMe is one of the biggest DNA testing companies.  Just this week, they updated their ethnicity reports with new detail.  Some reports can define a country within a region or even a sub-region within a country where a tester's DNA is likely to originate.  These are just estimates, of course, but as time passes and… Continue reading A Look at the New 23andMe Ancestry Composition Reports, and Comparison of the Four Major DNA Testing Companies

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How to Fix FamilySearch Family Tree

FamilySearch Family Tree is a great source of information.  It is one of the first places I turn when doing a survey of previous research.  Unfortunately, not everything in the tree is correct.  I can fix an error in the tree when I have done thorough research and have strong evidence to contradict a relationship in… Continue reading How to Fix FamilySearch Family Tree

Genetic Affairs AutoCluster Analysis

Like much of the genealogy community, I have been excited about the new tool at Genetic Affairs called AutoCluster Analysis.  Blaine Bettinger made a very nice overview of the tool Forming and Using Genetic Networks with Genetic Affairs, found at YouTube. After the tool was introduced to the genealogy community, the ability to do AutoCluster… Continue reading Genetic Affairs AutoCluster Analysis

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Article, Using DNA to Identify Crime Victims

Using DNA analysis to help the police has been in the news a lot lately.  An article from NPR discusses using DNA to not only identify criminals, but crime victims also.  The article is  Using Genetic Genealogy To Identify Unknown Crime Victims, Sometimes Decades Later. This article features the DNA Doe Project. Like major criminal… Continue reading Article, Using DNA to Identify Crime Victims

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Donor-conceived Children, Consider the Doctor

DNA testing is uncovering more genetic secrets.  A 41-year-old woman who was donor-conceived took a DNA test.  The matches led her to discover that her mother's doctor was likely her donor, not the medical student her parents chose.  The story is described here: Couple sue Vermont gynecologist for fathering child. Unfortunately this was more than… Continue reading Donor-conceived Children, Consider the Doctor

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