France a Weak Area in Ancestry Ethnicity Estimates

DNA ethnicity estimation has improved significantly from its earliest days.  In my article DNA Testing, What Do My Origin Percentages Mean? from 2016, I noted that ethnicity estimates are generally accurate to the continent level, and should improve with time.  Now two of the major testing companies are attempting to pinpoint origins in regions within… Continue reading France a Weak Area in Ancestry Ethnicity Estimates

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MyHeritage Photo Colorization

This is really cool.  MyHeritage has just added a photo colorization tool.  It extrapolates the colors that were likely present when a photo was taken, and adds those colors to the photo.  RootsTech is coming up next week, so now is the season for announcements from genealogy companies.  Judging by the positive response to this… Continue reading MyHeritage Photo Colorization

Mayflower Costuming for the 400th Anniversary

This year we celebrate 400 years since the landing of the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock.  Many will be celebrating this year and next year, the 400th anniversary of the first Pilgrims' Thanksgiving.  My daughter and I were invited to ride on the Mayflower float in the 2020 Rose Parade.  We needed to wear period-appropriate pilgrim… Continue reading Mayflower Costuming for the 400th Anniversary

23andMe Collaborates with FamilySearch

This is an exciting development.  Today one of my 23andMe profiles was invited to add tree information from FamilySearch.  Relatively few people have added family information to their 23andMe profiles, possibly because many took the test for the health information.  Hopefully this will encourage more uses to get interested in the family connection aspect of… Continue reading 23andMe Collaborates with FamilySearch

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23andMe Health Test New Tax Treatment

DNA testing company 23andMe has been in the the news recently.  This week The Wall Street Journal published  IRS Greenlights Tax Breaks for Buyers of 23andMe Geneticts Tests.  The tax break article describes a new ruling by the IRS.  Now some costs related to 23andMe health testing can use FSA or HSA medical spending account… Continue reading 23andMe Health Test New Tax Treatment

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New AncestryDNA Communities

Ancestry recently announced they have created several more AncestryDNA communities.  These 225 new communities are focused on the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and French North America.  The announcement is here. Ancestry communities are formed by combining information in Ancestry family trees with DNA match information.  This is different from ethnicity percentages, which compares a… Continue reading New AncestryDNA Communities

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