Revamped AncestryDNA Match Pages

Last month Ancestry made available an update to the DNA match website.  Info about that update is here: New AncestryDNA Match Page.

I had a number of critiques about that update.  Thankfully some of those issues have been addressed in an update this week.  The overall match page is the same.  The changes are on the match pages for the individual matches.  The individual match page now has the essential match information at the top, including match size, groups, and notes, with three tabs below:

  • Trees
  • Ethnicity
  • Shared Matches

The Trees tab includes a lot of information, if the match has a tree.  The page includes possible common ancestors, a tree for the match if available, surnames in the match’s tree that are shared with the tester or unique to the match’s tree, and any shared birth locations.  If the match does not have a tree, there is the standard invitation to contact them.

The Ethnicity tab compares the tester’s and match’s ethnicity information.  If the match opted in, all ethnicity information is displayed.  If not, just the shared ethnicity information is displayed.

The Shared Matches tab shows the info about the shared matches in the same format as the main match page, including notes and custom groups.

Notes now brings out a panel to the side, like notes in Ancestry Trees.

Overall the changes are a big improvement.  If anything, the surnames area could use a little tweaking, maybe change to list form and decease the font.  But I think you will appreciate the better interface.


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