Gedmatch Genesis merging back to Gedmatch

Gedmatch has a new announcement on their web page.  The new Gedmatch Genesis site will be replacing the Gedmatch site, so that all of Gedmatch will have access to the Genesis database and features.  This change will happen June 1st.  From Gedmatch:

Moving to GEDmatch Genesis

The transition from Legacy GEDmatch to Genesis is complete. Effective June 1, 2019, there will be only one site: GEDmatch. It will contain only what you have previously seen on the “GEDmatch Genesis” pages now.  The completion of this transition provides a number of benefits:

    • Ability to accept uploads from testing companies with formats and SNP sets not compatible with the current legacy GEDmatch database.
    • A new comparison algorithm – genesis Q – that we believe will provide better accuracy, and more flexibility. More info: The Genesis Q Algorithm
  • For tier 1 users
      • A better integrated Multi-Kit-Analysis subsystem that provides the ability to use results from one application to perform additional analysis in other applications, a cluster tool that groups your matches by ancestral branch and displays your results in an eye-catching animated display, plus several other new applications as well as improvements to old ones.
    • A kit merge tool which allows multiple kits from different vendors to be merged into a super kit. The super kit provides for better matching with other kits and reduces duplicate entries in match lists.

The benefits of the Genesis comparison algorithm are now available to all GEDmatch users! During deployment, the GEDmatch Genesis database has been kept separate from the GEDmatch legacy database.  All the comparisons from the legacy GEDmatch database have been migrated to Genesis.  The Genesis database includes both legacy and new entries.  As of December 2018, no new kits have been accepted to legacy GEDmatch.  We hope you are as excited as we are with the many improvements on GEDmatch, previously known as Genesis! 

It is great that everyone who comes to Gedmatch after the upcoming change will arrive at the main full-feature site.

Happy searching!

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