23andMe Collaborates with FamilySearch

This is an exciting development.  Today one of my 23andMe profiles was invited to add tree information from FamilySearch.  Relatively few people have added family information to their 23andMe profiles, possibly because many took the test for the health information.  Hopefully this will encourage more uses to get interested in the family connection aspect of the test, and even share their family information.

From 23andMe:

You’re invited to test our new beta feature! If you have a FamilySearch® Family Tree, you can now upload information about your ancestors to 23andMe and display it to your DNA Relatives and connections.

With this beta feature, it’s now easier for your DNA Relatives to view your family tree information and find shared ancestors. You can also use a new filter to find DNA Relatives who have uploaded their own family tree information.

Learn more about FamilySearch and start exploring.

New Feature

I selected the link and was invited to connect to FamilySearch.  I did, and then my tree information was uploaded.  If I change my tree in the future, I need to upload my new tree to 23andMe for the change to be reflected there.

Now, when a relative looks at their DNA match page with me, they see a new panel:

FamilySearch at 23andMe 

They can expand the relative list at any generation, like so:

FamilySearch at 23andMe expanded

Displayed for each person are any image, the maiden name, birth and death years if know, and birth location.  The blue link for each person clicks through to that person’s profile at FamilySearch.

Information about living people is privatized and omitted here.  This is why my grandparent list has only three people; one is still living.

Please do consider attaching FamilySearch tree information to a profile at 23andMe, to encourage collaboration and discovery.

Happy researching!


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