AncestryDNA Updates Ethnicity Results

On September 12th, Ancestry released revised AncestryDNA ethnicity results.  Many more reference samples were added to define the various ethnicities, and new strategies have been applied to analyze the DNA.  This should result in more accurate results.  Of course these are not perfect.  (For more background see DNA Testing, What Do My Origin Percentages Mean?) … Continue reading AncestryDNA Updates Ethnicity Results

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New Tool at DNA Painter “What Are the Odds?” Helps Combine Match Probabilities

A wonderful new tool was released last month at DNA Painter, called "What Are the Odds?".  It expands on the already wonderful "Shared cM" tool.  The "Shared cM" tool takes in a DNA match size and returns the possible relationships between two individuals, with their corresponding probabilities.  The "What Are the Odds?" tool combines multiple… Continue reading New Tool at DNA Painter “What Are the Odds?” Helps Combine Match Probabilities

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DNA in the News, Solving More Police Cases

DNA has been in the news a lot lately.  It started with the announcement that police had likely identified the Golden State Killer by using DNA matches to his DNA on Gedmatch.  Now additional cases are using similar methods. This weekend the New York Times published an article about five additional police cases.  The article… Continue reading DNA in the News, Solving More Police Cases

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NGS Conference 2018 Streaming Lectures

The conference for the National Genealogical Society (NGS) will be held May 2-5 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this year.  If you are like me and won't be attending in person, NGS offers three packages to watch live streamed lectures from the conference.  I will be purchasing the ten-lecture package again this year.  These is a… Continue reading NGS Conference 2018 Streaming Lectures

MedBetterDNA – Improve the AncestryDNA Experience

Recently I attended seminars by genetic genealogist Blaine Bettinger.  During one of his lectures he recommended MedBetterDNA.  MedBetterDNA is a Chrome extension that brings all the person notes in AncestryDNA to the match list.  It makes notes visible at the top level, so you don't have to click down to a person to see them.… Continue reading MedBetterDNA – Improve the AncestryDNA Experience

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