MyHeritage Live, 2-4 November 2018

MyHeritage is hosting their first-ever genealogy conference in one week, 2-4 November 2018.  Attendees in Oslo, Norway, can see lectures and have the option to sign up for workshops.  The lectures, in a Genealogy track and a DNA track, also will be broadcast live.  Lectures are on Saturday and Sunday the 3rd and 4th, since the 2nd is mainly a day for registration and welcome events.

The lectures can be seen at starting at 9am Oslo time on November 3rd.  The conference includes well-known genealogy personalities Dick Eastman, Lisa Louise Cooke, Diahan Southard, and more.

Saturday, November 3rd

Genealogy Track

9:00 AM – Keynote: Gilad Japhet, MyHeritage Founder & CEO
10:30 AM – Turning MyHeritage Clues Into Genealogy To Do’s, Thomas MacEntee
11:30 AM – How I Use MyHeritage, Vidar Øverlie
1:30 PM – Researching with MyHeritage SuperSearch™, Daniel Horowitz and Tal Erlichman
2:30 PM – A Guide to Scandinavian Records on MyHeritage, Mike Mansfield
3:30 PM – How to Find Your Family in Newspapers with MyHeritage SuperSearch™, Lisa Louise Cooke
4:30 PM – What’s Next: The MyHeritage Genealogy and DNA Roadmap, Maya Lerner

Additional DNA Track Lectures

10:30 AM – MyHeritage DNA 101, Ran Snir
11:30 AM – MyHeritage DNA: Advanced Features, Ran Snir
1:30 PM – Success Stories: How MyHeritage DNA Brings Families Together, Roi Mandel
2:30 PM – The Five Best MyHeritage DNA Tools, Diahan Southard
3:30 PM – PANEL: DNA, Genealogy, and Privacy, Thomas MacEntee, Prof. Yaniv Erlich, Roberta Estes

Sunday, November 4th

Genealogy Track

9:30 AM – Newspaper Research Strategies Using MyHeritage, Thomas MacEntee
10:30 AM – Matching Technologies: How to Discover Relatives Without Searching, Mike Mansfield
11:30 AM – An Introduction to Geni, Mike Stangel
1:30 PM – Using MyHeritage & Learning with, Geoff Rasmussen
2:30 PM – An Overview of European Record Collections on MyHeritage, Mike Mansfield
3:30 PM – The MyHeritage Mobile App: Exclusive Features, Guy Tsype
5:00 PM – Closing Session

Additional DNA Track Lectures

9:30 AM – Why Take a DNA Test for Genealogy Research?, Mike Mansfield
10:30 AM – Genetic Insights From a Huge Collaborative Family Tree, Prof. Yaniv Erlich
11:30 AM – MyHeritage’s Improved DNA Matching, Dr. Daphna Weissglas
1:30 PM – Two Ways to Approach Your MyHeritage DNA Match List, Diahan Southard
2:30 PM – How to Find Unknown Family with MyHeritage DNA, Christina Sagersten
3:30 PM – PANEL: What’s Next for Genetic Genealogy?, Prof. Yaniv Erlich, Roberta Estes, Dick Eastman

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