DNA Day Sales April 2018

DNA Day is April 25th.  The DNA testing companies usually hold DNA test kit sales to commemorate.

Ancestry DNA is having a sale on DNA kits through Sunday, April 29th.  The price is $59 plus shipping (about $10 for the first kit, about $5 for additional kits).  I often suggest to buy kits on Amazon to avoid shipping costs, but as of April 20th the Amazon price was still $99.  Note that this sale ends midnight Eastern time, in case you are shopping last-minute.

FamilyTreeDNA has sales on its many test kit options.  The autosomal DNA kit is on sale for $49.  This sale ends April 28th.

Test kits at MyHeritage are $69, through April 26th.

Test kits at 23andMe are 30% off, through April 25th.

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