War of 1812 Pensions Online

Pension files can be great genealogy resources.  They record where a veteran served and possibly include information about their spouse, children, and people who served with them.  The Preserve the Pensions group has worked to digitize War of 1812 pensions.  As of today, 65% of the pensions are online for free at Fold3.  According to Fold3, information in the pensions can include:

  • Veteran’s name
  • Age
  • Place of residence
  • Widow name
  • Service data & dates
  • Organization & rank
  • Widow’s maiden name
  • Acres Granted
  • Marriage date
  • Soldier death date
  • Widow death date
  • Year of BLM act
  • Warrant number
  • Additional names

The latest blog post at Preserve the Pensions from August, Press Release: Conservation and Digitization Update, says that the current phase of the project is digitizing files with surnames Moore-Q.  Search the collection at go.fold3.com/1812pensions/.

Keep track of this site, because it seems that Fold3 tries to make use of their site cumbersome, trying to get you to subscribe to their site, if you start searching the collection, then alter your search names in any way.  Really irritating.  Just start back at the Fold3 link above.  Happy searching!

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