So-Cal Jamboree Early Registration Ends Today

The yearly Southern California Genealogy Jamboree is a fantastic event.  Especially since most of the major conferences don’t come to the West coast, this is a great chance to see great speakers and meet other genealogy enthusiasts.

This year the main conference is being held as usual in Burbank (with easy access to the Burbank airport) on the weekend of June 9-11, with a DNA program on June 8.  Today is the last day to register for the conference at a reduced rate.  Registration details are on the Jamboree website.

Be sure to check out the extra event meal options.  They may seem pricey, but how many chances to you get to see some of those speakers in person?

Also, if you can’t make it, and even if you can, Ancestry usually sponsors free webinars of some of the lectures.  Keep a lookout for that announcement as the event gets closer.

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