DNA Sales for DNA Day 2017

DNA Day, April 25th, is coming up next week.  As expected, DNA kit sales have started.

FamilyTreeDNA has set the sale price of its autosomal test to $59 down from $79.  All of its Y-DNA tests are on sale.  For example, the Y37 test is now $129 instead of $169.  The basic mtDNA test is the same price, but the full sequence is $149 instead of $199.  The sale ends around April 26th.  Full pricing details are at FamilyTreeDNA.

Ancestry is selling its kits for $79 vs. $99 during its DNA Day sale.  The sale ends April 26th.  Don’t order the kit from their website.   If you order by calling them at 1-800-ANCESTRY (262-3787) and ask to use code FREESHIPDNA you can get free shipping instead of paying an extra $9.95.  Also, Amazon sells their kits and currently shows the sale price.  As a bonus you may be able to get the kit same-day, depending on your address, if you have Amazon Prime.

23andMe has not announced a DNA Day sale.

MyHeritage has not announced a DNA Day sale, though I would suggest testing elsewhere right now.  They are still currently offering free DNA uploads of data from other testing companies.

UPDATE: On DNA Day, I now see the 23andMe test kits are on sale today: $79 for Ancestry Service and $179 for Health plus Ancestry service.  Those prices are also reflected on the kits sold through Amazon.com, and they are Prime eligible.  This sale runs until Mother’s Day.

UPDATE (26 Apr 2017): Some time before the evening of DNA Day, Amazon ran out of Ancestry DNA test kits.  (A third party seller was offering them for higher than regular price.)  I called Ancestry directly today to order kits, and discovered that the free shipping code is no longer being accepted by Ancestry as of March 19th of this year.  (I last used it in January.)  The customer service rep. told me that the code was too widely publicized on sites like Groupon, so the reps. were told Ancestry is no longer accepting it.  So you can still order kits today, but won’t get as great a deal because you have to pay shipping.  Just order the kit on the website, because the phone lines have long wait times.

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