FamilyTreeDNA Now Accepting Transfers of Recent 23andMe and AncestryDNA tests

I wasn’t sure this day would come, but I’m excited it has!  Toward the end of last year FamilyTreeDNA was no longer taking Autosomal DNA transfers from the most recent 23andMe and AncestryDNA tests.  To be precise, those are the AncestryDNA V2 and 23andMe V4 test results.  I was worried that they were planning to stop transfers for good since AncestryDNA and 23andMe do not accept DNA transfers.  But no longer.  Now if you go to, pull down the upper-left “DNA Tests” menu and select “Autosomal Transfer” you arrive on the DNA transfer page.

There are two options for DNA transfer.  The completely free option allows an individual to see:

  • The list of DNA matches in the FamilyTreeDNA match database
  • Access to the Matrix tool that allows a user to see how up to ten of the user’s matches are DNA matches with each other

For an extra fee of only $19 (I’m pretty sure this used to be $39 last year) the individual can additionally see:

  • The Chromosome browser
  • myOrigins results that break down the user’s ethnicity percentages (using different formulas than used at other sites)
  • ancientOrigins results (comparing your DNA to some very early European groups, explained here)

I would recommend to everyone that has tested at AncestyDNA and 23andMe (except for the really old testers here that took the 23andMe V1 and V2 tests that are still not compatible) to at least transfer their results for free to FamilyTreeDNA.  The price of $19 is a good deal to be able to use the Chromosome browser and other tools, but at least start with the free transfer option to check out your close matches in this pool of DNA testers.

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  1. […] And while you are considering DNA transfers, make sure to bring your DNA to GEDmatch for free.  See Why You Should Bring Your DNA Results to GEDmatch.  Also consider bringing your DNA to FamilyTreeDNA if you haven’t tested there yet.  A free transfer gives access to limited but useful tools, and full access to their tools is only $19.  See FamilyTreeDNA Now Accepting Transfers of Recent 23andMe and AncestryDNA tests. […]


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