Favorite Sources: 1925 Iowa State Census

Did any of your family live in Iowa in 1925?  The 1925 Iowa State Census is fabulous because it asks for each Iowa resident to give detailed information about their parents: their full names, including mother’s maiden name, ages, birthplaces, and even marriage place.  Be sure to look at this source even if the direct ancestral line wasn’t in Iowa, but their siblings were.

On Ancestry this census is found in Iowa, State Census Collection, 1836-1925.  Enter 1925 in the residence year field to narrow down to just that year.  Then search for your people.

On FamilySearch this census is Iowa State Census, 1925.  They have images of the records also.

Be sure to look at the actual census images instead of just the transcriptions.  The information for each individual covers three images, not just one.  The census lists name, relation of each person to the head of household, gender, race, age, marital status, residence information, citizenship information, and education on the first image.  Look to the next image to see: place of birth and then that precious information about the parents: names, places of birth, ages, and place of marriage.  Look again to the next image to see: any military service, occupation information, and church affiliation.

Of course, like all evidence take all this information and look for additional evidence to support or refute it.  For example, this record was likely made long after the births of the parents, so you should look for other records closer to their dates of birth as well.  But it is a great source to lead you toward additional great family information.

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