Sharing Family History with Children Through Books

Too often I hear people learning about family history wishing they had started their interest in family history when they were younger and had more older relatives to ask about their families.  We can introduce our children to general history and family history so they can have more opportunity to learn about their families from older relatives.

I have written before about how I read the American Girl books when I was a girl.  These are excellent books and cover a variety of times and places in American history.  They are aimed at girls age eight years and older.  There are also now American Girl mysteries aimed at slightly older girls.  Each book follows on of the historical characters of the main books through a slightly more thrilling mystery story compared to the main series.

For general history, I really enjoy the History sections of the books in the “What Your Preschooler Needs to Know” series.  They go up through the sixth grade.   Even the Preschool book introduces children to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Each is written at the appropriate grade level, going more in depth as the child ages.

No matter what book your child reads about history, make sure to add the connection of how that book applies to your family.  For me, it was key to learn how my family came across on a boat like Kirsten the American Girl character did.  It is that connection that will give more meaning to what they read.  Maybe it will even leave them asking more about their family history.

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