DNA Day at Genealogy Jamboree 2018

Genealogy Jamboree hosted a number of great speakers for their DNA Day on May 31st.  These include Paul Woodbury, Leah Larkin, Michael Lacopo, Tim Janzen, Angie Bush, and Blaine Bettinger.    Six of the sessions were presented for live streaming and can still be viewed.

  • From Chance to Design: Planning for Successful Genetic Genealogy Research, by Paul Woodbury
  • When Your Tree is a Banyan: Untangling Endogamy in Your Family History, by Leah Larkin, PhD
  • Using Y-DNA Testing for Advanced Genealogical Problems, by Michael D. Lacopo, DVM
  • Getting the Most from Your Autosomal DNA Test Results, by Tim Janzen, MD
  • DNA Testing and Mirror Trees, by Angie Bush, MS
  • Shared Matches and Genetic Networks, by Blaine T. Bettinger

Individual sessions cost $20, all six are $99.  The sessions can be viewed through 31 July 2018.  Sign up at genealogyjamboree.com/genetic-genealogy-streaming/

Leah Larkin’s session on endogamy is particularly interesting.  She gives tips to discover whether an individual has an endogamous background if it is not known.  She also discusses how to better understand the match list when there is endogamy.  I strongly recommend this lecture, especially to those who are looking for an advanced DNA topic.

Michael Lacopo’s session on Y-DNA is also one of my favorites of the group.  He discusses a group of case studies where Y DNA is used.  These are presented in his usual entertaining manner.  There is also a discussion of the cutting-edge scientific discoveries being made due to Y-500 testing.  I also recommend it.

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