DNA Sales for Valentine’s Day 2018

A number of companies are holding DNA sales for Valentine’s Day:

  • Ancestry DNA – $69 vs. $99; I suggest you buy at Amazon if possible for free shipping
  • FamilyTreeDNA – $59 vs. $79 (sellers on Amazon are not currently offering their sale price)
  • MyHeritage – $69 vs. $99, $59 for two or more kits; also offered on Amazon, where current price is showing $65
  • 23andMe – $79 vs. $99 for Ancestry only, $159 vs. $199 for Health + Ancestry; also offered on Amazon

Just a quick reminder, Amazon and 23andMe are currently the only two testing services that do not allow free transfers of DNA data into their systems.  You need to test at each of these to see matches on their sites.  Some users from all of these sites transfer data to Gedmatch.com, but many do not.  Ancestry is the largest database, so that is usually the best place to start.

Happy hunting!

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