My Heritage Book by kidsHeritage

My Heritage Book is a customizable book for children that teaches them about their countries of origin.  From the book’s creators:

It’s a super fun, educational, award-winning, and personalized children’s book that celebrates your child’s heritage. It takes families on a wonderful journey into their pasts, while exploring their origins. It’s a true gift to genealogy that should be in every home, so young people can find out truly who they are and where they came from, while bonding with those they love.

The My Heritage Book website has a full book sample.  The sample book shows three countries, Italy, Germany, and Mexico.  You can choose up to eight countries for your book (the base price includes up to four countries; each additional country adds $5).

I heard about the book through Thomas MacEntee’s site.  He posted a promotion that runs through today for 20% off using code geneabloggers17.  The book’s website is also running a promotion that runs until April 20 using code Heritage20. (The two promotions don’t combine.)  The book’s nominal price is $42.95.

I had fun this afternoon figuring out which countries to choose for my children’s book.  I wanted to choose the top eight countries ranked by largest percentage of their family tree.  I hadn’t calculated that before.  For the colonial families, because I haven’t traced the origin of every single colonial family yet, I generally lumped them as English unless I had identified another origin, like my Dutch and Pennsylvania German lines.

I also contacted the company today, and confirmed that a book can be formatted for multiple children in a family, not just one child.  This is what I’m doing for my crew.  Just put the first names of the children in the First Name field, such as “Beth, Kyle, and Liz” then add the last name as usual.  Don’t add a birthdate.  Then all of their names will appear throughout the book.

I am excited to see our family’s book in a week or so.  I hope to follow up with a review of how my little ones like it.

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