AncestryDNA, Matches First See Each Other at Different Times

Did you know that AncestryDNA matches don’t necessarily see each other for the first time at the same time?

Recently a family member who had taken an Ancestry DNA test got a message from a close relative who had just received their Ancestry DNA results back, commenting on the DNA connection.  When the first person looked at their DNA match list, that person wasn’t there.  A week passed.  Finally the new match appeared.

What does this mean for AncestryDNA users?

First, if you are a new user and just get your results back, know that some of your matches will not see you right away.  If you try to contact them, they may look at their match list, not see you, and not respond.  So wait a number of days before contacting matches.  Or if you do send messages right away, be sure to follow-up later, noting that you may not have been in their match list yet the previous time you wrote.

Second, if you are not a new user but see a new DNA match, that new match will show up for others at different times.  If you contact a third match to ask about their relationship with the new match, be aware that the new person may not show up in the third person’s match list yet.  Again, you may have to wait a number of days.

I would guess that this delay is caused by Ancestry’s computers processing the trees attached to DNA results, searching for Shared Ancestor Hints.  That’s a lot of computation to perform there.

Whatever the cause, be aware that DNA matches will probably find out about each other at different times.  Just don’t let it sidetrack your research.

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