Michael Lacopo Speaking at the Sacramento German Genealogy Society Spring Seminar on April 8th

Michael Lacopo will be giving four lectures at the Sacramento German Genealogy Society (SGGS) Seminar in a few weeks, on April 8th.  Two of his lectures will be on DNA and two will be on German-American research.  More details about the event are at the SGGS website here.

Dr. Lacopo is a great lecturer, and wrote the great DNA blog Hoosier Daddy? that I wrote about in Awesome DNA Blog: Hoosier Daddy? by Michael Lacopo.  It is a must-read if you are trying to track down ancestry using DNA.  He gives lectures at the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree each June; this year he is speaking on Italian research and a complex genealogy problem.  Hopefully one or both of them will be available via webinar like they have been in years past.  He is also very proficient in German genealogy, as his past lectures at the Jamboree have shown.

Pre-registration for the SGGS Seminar can be done online by April 1st, or at the door day-of for increased cost (and no chance to reserve lunch).  It is bound to be an enjoyable event.

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