AncestryDNA Sale Through March 19

Right now AncestryDNA is running a sale on their autosomal DNA test for $89, instead of the usual $99.  The last day to buy a kit for the sale is March 19.  Although their website’s tools for analyzing your DNA aren’t the best, because they have the biggest pool of people they are usually the best place to test if you have early American ancestry.  If you do wish to make an order, call them directly (1-800-262-3787) and ask to use free shipping code FREESHIPDNA (this is listed on several coupon sites, like Groupon) to save the $9.95 shipping charge because there isn’t a spot on their website to enter a coupon code.  (This is a public sale so Ancestry should let you combine the discount with free shipping; Ancestry does not let you combine the free shipping code with private sale codes that are mailed out only to certain members).

If you do buy a kit, when you get your results bring them to for free and to for only $19.  The information stays at Ancestry just as it was, but you get to compare against additional people and use better DNA analysis tools.  Happy searching!

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