FamilyTreeDNA Sale Through December 31st

Today I ordered a DNA test kit through FamilyTreeDNA, my eighth kit through them to date (seven autosomal and one Y-DNA).  I will be sending the test to my husband’s grandmother.  Between this and AncestryDNA, after this kit is processed my children will have six of their great-grandparents tested, one grandfather, two great-aunts, plus a couple more known distant relatives.

FamilyTreeDNA is still running their sale through the night of Saturday, December 31st, $59 ($71.95 total including shipping) instead of $79 right before the sale.

I have used both AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA.  I just wrote a post comparing them here.  My concluding paragraph from that post:

I have generally tested at FamilyTreeDNA, except with family where I want to focus on really early American roots I have tested at Ancestry, and for the adoption-like search in my tree we tested at both.  (23andMe is on the to-do list for that branch also.)  Whatever you choose, don’t forget to bring your results over to gedmatch.

If you have been considering DNA testing and find that FamilyTreeDNA is a good option for your situation, I would seriously consider buying a kit while their sale is still running.

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