Awesome DNA Blog: Hoosier Daddy? by Michael Lacopo

I first came across genealogist Michael Lacopo when viewing a webinar of lectures at the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree in 2015.  He had great information about German genealogy, and he was a very interesting and dynamic speaker.  Somewhere in the notes about the speaker was a reference to his blog, so I visited it.  It is fabulous.

The Hoosier Daddy? blog follows the path Dr. Lacopo takes using DNA research to identify his maternal grandfather.  It is best to start at the first post and read from there.  It is a compelling read.  He covers general information about DNA research along with biographies of his family members and stories about hunting down potential relatives to test.

While reading his blog, I became more encouraged that my own family mystery could be solved one day with the help of DNA.  I hope you also find the Hoosier Daddy? blog both informative and inspirational.

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