Genealogy Jamboree 2019, DNA Streaming

One of my favorite yearly genealogy events is the Genealogy Jamboree held in Burbank, California, near the end of May.  This year is the 50th year for the conference, and the seventh year for the genetic genealogy day.  Online streaming options are available for the main conference and the DNA day.  The DNA day lectures, for Thursday, May 30th, have just been announced.  Full details are on the Registration Site.

The five lectures can be purchased individually or as a five-session set.  Topics this year:

  • Convincing Family and Strangers to Test and Why, by Emily Aulicino, MEd
  • DNA ABCs: Getting from “Unknown New Match” to “Known Cousin,” by Blaine T. Bettinger, PhD, JD
  • Taking Your Use of GedMatch to the Next Level, by Tim Janzen, MD
  • Using DNA and GWorks for Solving Unknown Parentage Cases, by Kitty Munson Cooper
  • Finding Missing Persons with DNA Testing, by Diahan Southard

This looks like a solid lineup.  I would consider the full set.

The main conference lectures should be announced soon.

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